Headbands can be used for many things-holding back your hair while you wash your face, take a bath, or put on your make-up. You can throw one on to hold your hair back while you're working out, at the pool or at the beach. But mostly, we wear them to just add a bit of flare to our hair, especially on our no-hair-wash days! And of course, it can help us hold out that extra 2 weeks we have left until our next hair appointment.

Here are my current favorite styles and looks!

Tie Style with hair up in messy bun or down & wavy. You can find tie headbands here

Hair back in a ponytail or messy bun with a twist turban. Find turbans in different patterns here

Or a knot fabric headband I set in my hair while it's down and curly or straight. Grab a knot headband in your fabric of choice here

So which is your favorite style?