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Beautiful Chaos Shoppe started several years ago when I fell in love with sewing, specifically girly accessories like headbands for myself since I only had boys in my house!Because I had all boys, I wanted to match them and had to get creative in doing that...along came mommy and me pocket tees! Mommy and me outfits were so easy after that! 

As my shop blossomed, I discovered everyone loved designing their own pocket tees to fit exactly who they are, so I began design your own pocket tees to order!I co-own a local brick with PolkaDotPickle Shop, a local sign maker. Our brick and mortar is located in Liberty Hill, Texas and is called The Wildflower Republic. Along with our boutique items, we host creative workshops. There I teach sewing classes to adults and kids in our community.

I co-host a podcast, Small Business Sisters, all about owning a small business, raising boys, and mental health with my sister, owner of Illuminate Space.I absolutely love sewing and helping others find their creative bug. In 2021, I started offering a 24/7 beginners online sewing course, available here on my Etsy shop!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you find the perfect pocket tee or accessories made just for you!


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